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Chaos Update Notes on Feb 3, 2015

Time : 2015-02-04 01:03

Chaos Server maintenance on Feb 2, 2015:

1.Removed four event heroes in tavern;

2.Changed “Upgrade Rank” button in Mount, and the content of SHOWTIPS;

3.Added the introduction of “lucky points” in Mount;

4.Added suit bonus effect: warrior suit

5.Removed World BOSS and other time-limited task in Daily Must

6.Removed the event mount: Nature Fairy;

7.Hided “?”button which doesn’t have tips inside;

8.Adjusted the shining icon of extra reward of Airship Escort;

9.Added the function that the player’s message send through trumpet will also  display in World;

10.Fixed the problem that the damage rank in World BOSS will be covered by time and  maps;

11.Added MAX friend number to 100, and optimized friend list (online friends rank  first);

12.Fixed the consistency of task description and SHOWTIPS;

13.Fixed the wrong display of gem’s attribute in an equipment

14.Fixed “-1” in Airship Escort

15.Fixed display problem in Recruit Task/Achievement

16.Fixed the “Error Found” problem in Splendid Event

17.Fixed the problem that the chatting bar will disappear in Treasure Hunting

18.Fixed the display error of the required gold for finishing “wipe” immediately

19.Fixed the display error of heroes and BP in ranking

20.Fixed the inconsistency of side task description

21.Fixed the problem that when input special character in trumpet will lead to     error

22.Fixed problems in Defense Battle that parts of players cannot join, also       adjusted the BP of enemy’s BOSS (the BOSS is too weak before)

23.Fixed the display error of the required gold for detect crystal

24.Fixed the display problem and refresh problem of guild task

25.Fixed the reset time of ranking

26.Fixed the acceleration problem of airship

27.Added a guide when the mount upgrade to Lv.2

28.Fixed the failure to send rewards for World BOSS