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Chaos Close Beta Preview Notice (4th March, 2015)

Time : 2015-03-03 23:51

Dear Chaos players:

         After our Dev team’s constant endeavor, this week we have new optimization and contents to share with you! Also, any suggestion is warmly welcome!

         Here is the latest optimized contents list, please check:

1.       Added an Auto-Pathfinding function in the main storyline

2.       Added an Auto-Challenge function in storyline instance

3.       Added a credit system in Camp Battle, Wild Area Hunting and Gems Match. Players can check the corresponding credit shop to exchange for rare items.

4.       Adjusted the One-Click activate Lv.4 Einherjar to Lv.5 Einherjar in Valhalla

5.       One-Click Summon is still working after summon Lv.5 Einherjar

6.       Increased the initial number of guild to 30. Also, the guild member number can be increased 1 by each level

7.       Adjusted guild contribution. Now, players can obtain contribution by donating gold and silver, also completing guild task.

8.       Adjusted guild shop. Now, players can purchase items in the guild shop by spending contribution. The different level of the guild, the different items players could buy

9.       Adjusted the Bulk-Detect function in recruiting towards VIP players. The higher your VIP level, the more times you can have in Detect.

All above are the optimized contents. More contents are now under development, please come and check on our Chaos Game Official Website, Forum and Facebook. Coming soon!

Chaos Online Game Operating Team