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Player GM recruiting for US Server

Time : 2015-04-24 05:42

Dear Chaos Players,

In order to assist our players to quickly understand the game, our operating team is sincerely recruiting the Player GM (PGM) for US Server #3. The detailed requirements and responsibilities for our PGM are listed below.

1. A big fan of Chaos game;
2. Knowledgeable about the gameplay of Chaos;
3. Willing and happy to help others to understand the game;
4. Able to spend the regular period of time in the game everyday, especially from 19:00 to 22:00 everyday.
5. Able to log on Skype regularly to communicate with our GM staff

Work Contents:
1.Answer players' questions about the Chaos game systems and how to play in the World chat channel;
2.Moderate the in-game world chats, give the warning to the players who violate chat rules and keep track of these players; keep the world chat lively
3.Report to the official operating team in case of any incidence, like server down or other issues

Reward: 500Gold / Month.

Pay Day:
The gold will be given once very month with 500 in full, and it will be given out in the first 5 days of each month. If the PMG does not work up to a full month or half month, then the salary will be counted based on the working days, for example, one PMG starts on 20th, then his/her salary for this month will be 166 gold.

Application Form:
Joybit Platform ID:
CBT Server:
Character Name:
Character Level:
Average In-game Hours I Can Spend Everyday:
Skype or Email:

Please click the link below to apply: